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Paint Parties

Looking for a creative and fun way to entertain? 

Whether it’s an evening with friends or family, a kid’s birthday party, corporate team-building event, Paint Parties by Julie got you covered.  

A party planning made easy for you- where we bring the fun and memorable paint party experience to you! 

 NO ART BACKGROUND REQUIRED - Beginner Friendly FUN art 

We can accommodate groups from 10-50 people

We work with you to tailor your event to your needs

Setup and clean-up. No Hassles, No Mess!

PAINTING SUPPLIES INCLUDES: Paint Brushes, Acrylic Paints, Disposable Aprons, Water Cups, Paper Towels, Easels, and your project pick from Canvas, Wood, and Ceramics.

Art Classes (Kids and Teens)

Our inspiring art classes are catered and created just for YOU.

We nurture every student in our art classes with individualized, encouraging one-on-one art instruction. We love showering our students with inspiration and a lot of personal attention in every art class! We custom-create our Kids and Teens art classes.  

Art class description for ages 5-11 : Our art classes are meant for children at any level, whether they have previous knowledge or none at all. Each project we complete is based off a curriculum that encourages creativity while having structure. Children will learn to draw from life, photographs as well as imagination, learning how to properly use each material a variety of ways. Projects normally take 1-4 classes to complete depending on the size, difficulty for the student as well as the pace that the student works at.

Art class description for ages 11-17 : Our classes for this age group involve instructing tweens/teens of any knowledge level how to create artwork formulated from their own ideas with inspiration from life as well as photographs while using their imagination. We teach them about the principles of design, basic color theory, perspective as well as how to use certain materials in order to capture the effects they need such as texture, form, value, patterns, feelings, etc. In this class they will work in their sketchbook, experimenting with different materials and formulating ideas for artwork. Projects in these classes can take anywhere from 1 month to 2 months to complete, depending on the class frequency as well as his/her working pace.

Materials include: Acrylic paint, liquid watercolor, watercolor cakes, charcoal, graphite, pen, chalk pastel, oil pastel, brush pen, ink, marker, colored pencil and gouache.   


God Says You Are


Tres Reyes Magos

Robot Love

Snowman Glow

Pup Love

Flowers for Me

Panda, Panda, Panda 


Snowman Globe

Spacial Love

Ya Colour

Pup Love 2

Against the Rain 

Christmas in Old San Juan

Uni Music

In love

The Grad




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